divendres, de març 11, 2005

Cloning Research Promises New Breakthrough

The Issue
Scientists using cloned human embryos for research are on the verge of a medical breakthrough.

The Debate
A) "It's really very exciting," says lab head Jazz Bush. "Until now, we've kept very quiet, to avoid being targeted by lunatic fringe groups who for some reason think it's wrong to clone human embryos. It's too early to promise anything, but we hope that one day we will have genetic cures for a whole range of debilitating illnesses. I certainly hope the government will support our work."

B) "Well, if you have to be part of a lunatic fringe group to object to this barbaric practice, I'm a lunatic," says placard-waving protestor Billy-Bob Bush. "Of course it would be nice to cure these unnamed diseases, but at what cost? They're messing with the sanctity of human life. It's wrong, and the lab should be shut down immediately."

The Government Position
There aren't ethics reasons to veto to be a good health society. The actual moral prejudices can will be ridiculous in a few hundred years and our grandchildrens damned us.
The Government try the A option and support to clone human embryos for genetic cures purposes.